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Thursday, 20 February 2014

Personalised dog tags c/o Hoobynoo World

It's a Dogs Life
One of the best things I did was introduce Alfie and Tilly to my blog, I think as a lifestyle blog it works so well and they are such a big part of our lives. I love getting treats for them, as well as finding out what's out there in the canine world, so when I spotted these dog tags I got a little too excited.

Severus, Alfie and Tilly were all offered a personalised dog tag from Hoobynoo World, and oh my gosh they are just the cutest thing. They have a range of sizes, colours, and dog breeds that you can chose from. I think Alfie's is my favourite, even if he's not full Collie, we won't tell any one!!! 

 The whole site is full of amazing cute gifts and goodies, I'm hoping Sam Sev will buy me a doggy Mothers day card and I have my eyes tightly on the Unicorn necklace (yes, you heard right, a unicorn necklace!)

Get 10% off any pet tag with the code: PETBLOG10

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  1. Oh my Steph! These are actually just the cutest things ever! x

  2. He is the cutest dog in the world! And those tags are so sweet!!x

  3. Hi beautiful! I just found your blog on Twitter and I decided to check it out and let me tell you I'm SOOO glad I did. This post is extremely adorable and they make me want a dog even more! This post has made me so happy right now and I'd like to thank you for it. Your blog is just beautiful overall and I will be coming back for sure:) Have a fantastic day, Vero.

  4. Can not believe how much Severus has grown, he's gorgeous!!! These tags are adorable, I'm definitely going to get one for Arthur x

  5. Oh my heavens above. Sev is a bloody babe!! Look at his proud little face wearing his tag.
    Such a lovely idea, and I think I'll be getting one for my dad's Dane Millie.

  6. Oh these are so cute! Sev is adorable! Think ill be getting one for my little man!

  7. What a beautiful dog, we have two sprinters - sisters Sophie and polly
    and what a great blog! I'm hooked
    Bean's Beauty Blog


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