Monday, 26 August 2013

I do love being a blogger, I find that I need (want) to photograph anything and everything, and the smallest things become a little project. When a campaign from Gala Bingo came along, to celebrate their new Mega Monopoly Game, I jumped at the chance to be involved ♥
Make your own Monopoly is about finding the hidden gems in your area, the places you love to sit & watch the world go by, eat the best burger or drink the best cuppa.
I miss bingo. I used to play free bingo online at with a lady in my old neighborhood but then she moved away. I picked it up again with friends a few years ago, but the smoke is just too hard to handle in the bingo halls in our area.

Where we live now is still fairly new to us, we are still finding new tea shops or pretty parks, but the place I wanted to share most is our favourite pub...that does the yummiest food. "The Bridge Inn" is loveliest little pub, in the sun it over looks the canal, and in evening it's cosy and comfy. 

The food is amazing pub-grub, that is really comforting, and great with a glass of white wine. We visited on Sunday evening, when all we wanted to do was chill out and not think about the week ahead, after not seeing each other over the Weekend, and it worked pretty well. 
I could end up staying in with my pyjama's on, reading blogs and searching social media most Weekends, especially when Sam is at work, so it's nice to get up and do something fun.
I'm actually really excited to show you some more of my truly loved places around our little town, so make sure you watch out for them.....beware, you'll probably feel hungry at the end of it.
Superga Trainers from Allsole*
Red floral dress from Primark

We also had the chance to wear our new goodies, even though Sam has worn his Superga trainters already (can you see they're dirty?!) he style them really nicely for the evening meal, with chino's and a smart tshirt. He now has his eye on the other All Sole Footwear, reading for Autumn/Winter...I'm sure he's worse than me, with shoes!  I just wanted to wear my lovely new dress, I know everybody has it, but it is such a good buy (Well Done Primark) 
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  1. Stephanie, I love such posts. All those photos are so magic <3 You should keep posting that kind of photos <3

  2. I love the Monopoly idea - it is a great way to rediscover your area.
    Your food looks amazing!

    And that's what weekends are for! I love catching up with blog reading during lazy weekends :)

    Miss Stylicious

  3. I love your more lifestyle posts! Its also lovly to see you getting used to where you live. You and Sam looking dashing as ever. Your hair is gorgeous and I would quite like to steal it... make myself a gorgeous wig ;) haha!! <3

  4. oh. ma. gawwwwd. Those burgers look too good!! xx

  5. Aw, you guys go on the cutest dates! It sounds like this pub is super yummy!

    Xo, Hannah


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