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Monday, 22 July 2013

Hi loves ♥
I hope you all have noticed my recent blog design change- it's hard not to! I hope you like it, and enjoy reading Stephanie Dreams even more.....

iPhone custom case from Caseable*

I'm very much a photo obsessive, I think it comes with the blogging to be honest. I have a strict "set up" with my digital photographs, like to print my fav's off regularly, and happily check Facebook for a nosy of other peoples too. 
A new phone case has been on the cards, and when Caseable offered me to "create your own", I was happy to get looking for the perfect photo. 

Cinderella's castle in Magic Kingdom, is probably one of the best places I have visited, it brings a smile to my face and a little butterfly in my heart. Of course, add in Sam and I, and some Minnie ears. BOOM! Perfect phone case ♥
It was really easy to upload and create the case, and was here in less than a week. The rough, matt, texture of it makes the case hard wearing and hopefully means image won't rub off easily
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  1. Ooh so pretty! :) I'd love to have a case like that!

  2. Such an adorable case Steph, you both look adorable! And I'm lovin' the layout change up as well, Abby is a layout dream girl! xx

  3. I'm loving both the phone case and the new layout. x


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