Alfie & Tilly. John Paul Pet.

Sunday, 16 June 2013


Alfie and Tilly are very much a part of Stephanie Dreams, and every so often they get asked to try different products or items for review. They are always happy to try a different chew, bath in a different shampoo or lay in a new pretty bed.
They are always running around in muddy fields and swimming in dirty lakes, so finding a new, so finding something new to scrub them up nice and clean with, is always nice.

Paul Mitchell is a very well known hair care brand, and so when I heard about the co-founder starting John Paul pet, I got very excited, and wanted Alf & Tilly to try out everything

It's important not to bath dogs too much, and if you have to, then you must make sure you get the best shampoo for them. I picked the Awapoochi shampoo & conditioner combo for them to try, and oh my gosh it smells immense. I love the fact that you can buy the conditioner for them too, but even the shampoo alone promises shine and nourishment to the canines coat. I also am so happy to see that all the products are tried on humans first! So wonderful knowing that if it's not good enough for us, it's not good enough for them.
I also think the body and paw wipes are so good and handy to have, it's not always possible to get the woofers washed and cleaned, straight away. These handy wipes are perfect to carry with you, or have in the house for when you have dirty paws to clean, leaving them soft and smell wonderful. 

Alfie and Tilly give a thumbs up and a waggy tail for these fabulous John Paul pet products, and encourage all their canine friends to purchase some posh pampering goodies too.
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  1. Ah look at their little faces. So sweet!
    The wipes are a great idea for pups, amount of times they just need a little spruce up to get rid of a bit of mud means these would come in very handy.

  2. How lovely is that dog <3 <3 <3

  3. I WANT A PUPPY!!!!!!!!


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