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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Naked Skin Face Wash| Dove Spa Toner, Night Cream & Sugar Polish*| Nivea Moisturiser | Dermalogica Exfoliant| St Ives Exfoliant| Yves Rocher Anti-Wrinkle Moisturiser 

Over the past few months I have promised my self that I need to keep on top of a skin care routine, something that I've always been far too relaxed on but also been intrigued in all the products out there. You will always have your skin, you can't change it, so it's important to look after it. I however am far from spending a lot on my routine a month, so hopefully this will help if you're a little confused by it all.
I have dry skin, it has improved with age though. There was a time where I wouldn't be able to put any face makeup on without noticing the awful dry patches. My dry skin comes from my Mum, and the only one item she has ever told me about is Nivea. My Mum isn't one for skin care or makeup, and so I never learnt the rights and wrongs growing up, I do however know that she has used this the majority of her life (55years) and she looks pretty damn good for it!

For that reason my Nivea will never get the boot and it's something I've used of a daily basis for years and years. I get on well with it, it lasts a long time and it's not expensive in anyway. My skin needs more than that now and face wipes just don't cut it. When it comes to Face washes and toners I don't think I've found my "holy grail" products yet, but the ones I'm using at the moment are amazing. I can't recommend the Naked skincare enough, they are 97% natural and have a huge range to chose from. My softening Face wash leaves me face amazingly soft, the Rose in it is filled with antioxidants and is perfect for sensitive skin. I use this daily, in the morning and it wakes me up wonderfully. I use it with normal face cloth that you can buy cheaply in Primark or supermarkets.

The few Dove Spa products I have tested have been wonderful, they are a little over my usual price bracket for skin care, but they are well worth it and I will be repurchasing them for sure. Both the toner and night cream are so hydrating and leave my skin feeling soft and lovely. The toner is used daily after my wash and I try to use the night cream most nights (although this doesn't always happen). I also love a good scrub, so when I first tried their self heating sugar polish I got a little too excited! It's not the most harsh of exfoliants, but with the warmth opening your pores it's amazing to deep clean your skin.  My skin feels like new, soft and glowing after using this product. I usually use this every other week (alternating with my St Ives Scrub), it will last me for such a long time with the huge tub you get.

The other two exfoliants I use are a must for me, St Ives scrub is awesome to get your scrub on. I really like a harsh exfoliant, I think my skin needs it and I feel like it's doing a lot more. I use this every other week (alternating with the Dove Spa sugar polish). 

I also  try to use the daily microfoliant on my daily routine (with the wash and toner). It is one of my favourite products from Glossy Box ever! It is a gentle powder that activates with water, getting rid of all the dead cells and leaving your skin brighter and smoother. 

Another Glossy Box item is my anti wrinkle moisturiser, another amazing find, and I truly love Glossy Box to find new skin care. I don't use this product half as much as I should, but when I feel I need extra hydration through the day, this is what I use. It also immediately smoothes out wrinkles, perfect for my aging skin. I'd love to try more from this brand, they are super affordable but the products look perfect in what you look for in skin care- they also do makeup ♥

I can also highly recommend the TriPollar STOP which boosts collagen production, leaving skin look younger and healthier. 

What are your must have skin care items? Has this made you think about what you spend on your skin?


  1. I completely agree about Nivea - I have Nivea moisturers I use both daily or if I want something a bit more intense on the horrible winter days which make my skin as dry as the Sahara Desert, and I haven't found anything better yet!

  2. I love this post, i also absolutely love the Dermalogica Exfoliant such a brilliant product, makes me face feel so smooth!

  3. My fave skincare item is the Caudalie SOS thirst quenching serum. My skin loves the stuff, however my purse hates the price! Im running low so will have to part with my cash!

    Leanne @ Leanne-Marie | Beauty, fashion & lifestyle. x x

  4. I don't mind spending on my skin, but I'm fed up spending a fortune and ending up with products I don't like! I adore St.Ives scrub, it's one of the cheapest things in my routine and definitely one of my most essential - I've been using it since the teen years and I still loves it, definitely prefer it to Origins Modern Friction which is one of the ones I bought and wish I had never bothered!

  5. I love this post; I'll have to try out some of the products you've suggested. Going through my teenage years means that I'm definately not blessed with good skin but my favourite product to use is, surprisingly, Sudacrem. It's great to sooth dry skin and speed up the healing of dreaded spots. I can't live without it now!

  6. I love this post- I have completely the opposite skin (oily- combination and adult acne)but I too am yet to find the best routine (but getting close) I think I need a moisturiser and love all your suggestions - totally going to try some nivea with both yours and your mum's recommendation (how can I say no to 50 odd years of positive reviews)

  7. I am not very good if it goes about cosmetics, and to be honest I use only soap lol. I really need more cosmetics.

  8. I use Boots Vitamin E range- it hasn't failed me yet!

    Maria xxx

  9. I so need a proper skin care regime, my skin is so rubbish, maybe I should take proper care of it.

    I just followed by the way, love your blog

    Please come by and check out my latest post :)



  10. I have super oily skin so as much as I love Nivea, it tends to be a bit rich. I do have a pot of their 'bog standard' cream though for skin emergencies :-) I've been wanting to try Naked skin products for ages, they get such good reviews!

  11. I used to use Nivea every day and then got distracted by other bits and pieces but this post has reminded me of how good and just 'basic' it can be. Definitely worth having in your skincare drawer, I need to repurchase. My skin's probably the opposite to your by the sounds of it, as it's mostly oily and acne-prone, then with quite dry patches. My only 'holy grail' I've found to date is the La Roche Posay Effaclar Duo, great if yo have troublesome skin. Other than that, I find that applying a thick 'mask' of E45 cream (not the lotion)to localised dry/flakey patches for a couple of hours really helps. xxxx


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