Event: #BFW S/S 2012

Sunday, 25 March 2012

Bristol Fashion week- show casing the trends for Spring/Summer 2012
Unlike the global fashion weeks, Bristol has one show that show cases the high streets take on the clothes and fashion trends hitting the shops hard for the coming season

This season was the first that the bloggers were treated, with a special 'bloggers event'. Hopefully this will carry on and start to improve more & more through each season. I went last season and I thought it was a fabulous show, although not being able to take photographs didn't go down well. Now they have allowed this, and have got South West bloggers on board, I hope it contains to grow and get more popular

Trends to start buying for the sunnier days:
♥ Clashing prints- if it's wrong, it's right
♥ Pastels for both men and women
♥ Sports luxe
♥ Mens floral shirts
♥ 1920's- which will see you through until A/W 2012

See my outfit post here & on the Cribbs facebook page here

Thank you to all at Cribbs Causeway, Bristol Fashion Week & the beauts that are Kim and Lily


  1. Looks fab, I had so much fun last time it would be great to go again.

    1. Didn't have anyone to go with. Been a bit scatter brain with organising things at the moment too.

  2. Great photos and was lovely meeting you briefly! :)
    Chloe x

    1. Thank you :) :)
      And you! You were right about the Nandos too, haha x

  3. Looks like you had a lovely time, thought I don't think I'd have been able to contain myself with all those kipling wonders about


  4. So sad I couldn't make this, looks like tons of fun! xoxo

  5. wow bet this was lovely! so many french fancies yum yum. x

  6. Ooh I would have loved to have gone to this! I'm a sucker for fondant fancies!

    It's great to hear that they've taken on board bloggers and created a special event, and I love that they focused on the high street x

  7. This looks aaaaaaamazing. Wish I had a private jet so i could fly over to see you all! look at Kim, what a babe she looks. And those cakes are as cute as youu!x

  8. omg i could easily eat every single one of those fondant fancies without being sick haha! great pics, it sounds like a really good event. i would definitely prefer to see whats on the high street rather than what a load of designers i've never heard of or could afford are making xx

  9. Wow this looks so much fun! Like Caroline I could easily eat all those Fondant Fancies!! The show looks great too! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk/

  10. Aw what is Katy chatting about, my face looks so scrunched in this photo...I blame the SUN! haha. However my hand looks fit in the other photo ;) all thanks to your photography! xx

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