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Friday, 3 February 2012

On Monday I made my way to London for the much talked about #zomgbloggersbash. The amazing blogger event hosted by ReeRee and Zoe to celebrate the collaboration of the gorgeous Rockalily 'ZOMG' lipstick. 
I get invited to few events, so when one comes a long I jump at the chance. The event was fabulous, so so many amazing bloggers there and I truly felt lucky to be invited. I got to meet some amazing bloggers, and met up with others I've met before and am pretty much in love with

A few of us met up for some food before heading to the venue; the Distillers pub in London. It  was gorgeous, and my eyes didn't know where to look when we first walked through the door. Many chatting bloggers and many activities including cupcake decorating, trying on some amazing hats & wigs, and swatching all the lovely Rockalily lipsticks
It was also more than amazing to see Zoe again, she is so lovely and looked bloody stunning 

After saying hello to all the new bloggers I pretty much adore, and catching up with lovelies that I had met previously the night rushed past in a flash.

Before it was time for Goodbyes, Rubyyy Jones and the gorgeous Banbury Cross performed for us.  Both pretty amazing in their on special way, and I'd happily be Banbury Cross- please and thanks! ReeRee and Zoe then drew bingo cards from the evening, and handed out many fantastic prizes to some lucky girlies

 Thank you Zoe and ReeRee, you total babes! 
& thank you to all the lovelies that made my night complete- I met some amazing bloggers and found some lovely blogs


  1. Looks like an amazing night.. Glad you had fun. & who doesn't love a new lipstick brand.. Cant have too many lipsticks. x

  2. Lovely to see you again :) xx

  3. so good to see you again there Steph - bit sad I scuttled off before the Burlesque dancers whirled into action! you looked lovely x

  4. Loved reading all the posts from the bash, it sounds amazing, glad you had a fab time! :)

  5. It looks like such an amazing event, so gutted that I couldn't go x

  6. Oh I was a huge failure at taking photos on Monday night! Such a lovely night, and amazing to meet you at long last (: Shall be seeing you next weekend for TOWIB! xx

  7. Ahh wow it looks like such a fun night :)
    The cupcake decorating sounds like a great activity!

    Caroline x

  8. Haha Abby looks rather fetching brunette ;)

    Great photos! Wish I'd gone now :( xxx

  9. Great blog, looks like you had a good night at the blogger bash. I'm glad you had fun trying our wigs on - great pic :) Sam xxx


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