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Friday, 11 November 2011

Matalan: DressBrogues, Socks and ring*

I've been wanting to do the Matalan style project for so long, and having seen it on many blogs- I always keep my fingers crossed that I will get the chance....and now this is it!

If you don't know anything about it, Matalan pick four bloggers to take part each month.
This months theme was 'party season' and so off I trotted to my nearest Matalan to find the outfit I would be happy to party in.
I think it would have been easy to pick something very 'high fashion' and to be way too daring, but I also wanted to make sure it had 'me' written all over it.

I love the dress, the long sleeves make me feel so much better about my arms, and I love that it's just long enough to go without tights- although I think I will try tights with it on its next venture out.
I adore the brogues, they're patent and they're yummy- what more do you need! I was very set on getting flat shoes of some sort, because I'm tall and I think this puts a twist on the normal black sandals. I want to make it okay to wear flat shoes, do something different, and feel confident in it. 
The socks with frills to add for a bit of girly-ness that the shoes are missing, and the head band to bring in the colour of them too

If you've not been to Matalan recently and you're in need of a dress [or any outfit] for the part season, then I suggest you get your bottoms down there now!
I would have bought them all if I could of, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the other girls have picked and how they've styled theirs

Only one more thing to do....
Please vote for my look on the style project
[and just comment with 'Stephanie Dreams']
I will love you forever, and I'll be able to show you more Matalan goodies if I do

Happy Weekend Lovelies


  1. You look beautiful! Absolutely love that dress on you <3 xoxo

  2. Ooh hello dreamy looking hair ;) You look lovely Steph, the dress really suits you!

  3. Ooow I love the look, I love that you decided to go with flats, I just can't do heels so I'm always looking for new ideas what flats to wear with party dresses! xx

  4. I voted for you lovely lady.
    Because you look absolutely gorgeous in this dress! xx

  5. super look - got my fingers crossed for you honey. the brogues and socks are such a cute pairing xx

  6. cute look, love the flapper style dress - too cute


  7. I love that dress - gorgeous :)

    I always flat shoes too - not because I'm tall though, just can't be bothered with the hassle of heels in my old age - would much rather be comfortable!

  8. You look great, love your styling! x x

  9. Oh my gosh frigging love this, you look great! The dress is fab, and the brogues and the socks is a really good touch. Definitely voting for you :) x

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  11. this is well cute- i always forget about matalan, must go soon x

  12. you looked lovely in this dress last night :) x


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