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Friday, 23 September 2011

Hello lovelies, as you can see I've had a little change around with my blog
The video explains it all, hopefully it won't be too boring for you to watch it. I am now 'Stephanie Dreams' same blog, just different name & domain.
I'd really appreciate it if you have me linked in your blog anywhere, that you could change it to my new URL

Thank you for all supporting me & my blog

Happy Friday


  1. I read and shall continue reading :) ! Best of luck !

  2. I really like the name change :) it's quite open so if in a years time your likes and dislikes have changed then it'll still suit what you post. If that makes any sense!

    I get how you were worrying about traffic and people finding your blog! Mine disappeared or been deleted by blogger last night, I hope I am able to get it back. Otherwise I have to start from scratch again

    :) xx

  3. I think your bloglovin has automatically changed because I just picked your post up from there so don't worry about people not finding you :)

  4. My bloglovin already directed me so yay :).


  5. I really like the new name :)

    Maria xxx


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