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Sunday, 25 September 2011

[Start Ramble]
 On Saturday morning I made my way to London City, the car-mega bus-tube journey made it all worth it as I was going to the Look Show for London Fashion Week! EK!
The lovely Tabitha invited me as her +1 guest, as she had won VIP tickets with River Island 

Tabitha & myself made our way to Westfields, looking forward to getting there early, having a nosey around at the Look Lounge & meeting up with some of the other bloggers.
The day didn't actually go quite to plan, Westfields was RAMMO! I felt a little on edge, and had a urge of stress over me all day and I was boiling hot- well done for dressing for a chilly day Steph. 
I was still so excited for the show, and as we had time to spare we had a wander around, before seeing the Look Lounge. I was very excited to take a look in here, meet some Look staff & see what possible bloggers may be lurking- however the only thing the Look Lounge seemed to be open for was collecting passes for the show- BUMMER!
The next few hours were a kind of blur or confusion, lining up to get our passes for half an hour to be refused & sent to the 'media suite', getting there & signing in (thank goodness) being told to pick up our passes and come to the champagne reception for 2.30pm- no problem! Next thing we know, we can't pick our passes up & have to go back to the lounge and were then directed back to the media suite, all was right with the world again as our Look passes were around our necks and food was about to be eaten before the champagne flowed.

A Pret sandwich, a cool off outside, a quick change of clothes for Tabitha and we were ready to face the Look show. The champagne reception was much needed, we chilled out, chatted away, drank champagne (of course) and adored every ones outfits. 
 Hannah, Tabitha & Emma
Some fitties ♥
Empty glass & mini cupcakes

The Celebs
Celeb spotting was rather fun, I felt like a true VIP!
Sarah Harding did an amazing job modeling, and her hair looked amazing. When they played Kelis's song, the look on her face was priceless- put a smile on my face for sure
Dionne Bromfield was amazing, and I thought it was fab that they had some one to perform

The Fashion
I've never been to a fashion show before (I don't think Clothes Show Live counts) so I felt over whelmed, but just so happy & excited to be there. I am so so glad I got to see the Look show, as high street style is very close to my heart, and it's where I shop most of the time. There was such a nice buzz around the place, and the outfits were amazing- more invites to shows are needed, please & thanks
Block bold colours, fur trims, leather, shirts & hats all stuck out to me in the show and it has got me ready for Autumn/Winter for sure.
I also noticed that the models were a lovely size, I'm awful with sizes, but there were a handful of models over size 10 for sure. This was really comforting to see, and it made me feel more confident knowing that I was a chubster at a fashion show

The Bloggers 
 I love blogger meet ups, so it was a shame we didn't have a lot of time after to have a natter or even really meet up properly. I spent the majority of the day with Emma, Hannah & Tabitha. All of whom are bloody lovely!! Me and Tabitha got on so so well, and I can not thank her enough inviting me. I can not wait to meet her again, because she is just lush.
I also met Lily, Gem and Sarah, all but briefly and felt a little blogger struck, but they looked amazing. I also got a hug from Jen, I think I love her and got to say a quick hi & bye to Victoria, Laura [credit for photo], Lily & Kate
It's hard not to think bloggers will be like something, or sound a certain way, or act differently but until you meet them you can't really tell. All the girls I met were lovely & I hope I get to meet them again some time soon

Thank you Look, River Island & Tabitha for making my day a lovely one- although a little stressed & flushed I was still happy to be there and felt very lucky to meet everyone
Ramble over


  1. Yay was great to meet you too!! Can't to meet up again...maybe I can tag along to your outing we were talking about?!

    T x

  2. You all look beautiful :) sorry to hear it was a bit stressful, it seems like all fashion events lately have been really disorganised- from what I hear fashion week was awful for bloggers this year which is so disappointing. But I'm glad you managed to meet up with some lovely girls and have a good time anyway :) x

  3. aw looks like you had such fun hun! mega jealous! :) xo

  4. looks like so much fun. you girls look gorgeous. I cannot wait to pay a visit to Stratford Westfield, looks amazing and only 20 min train journey from me! :) xx

  5. Ahhh so jealous,wish i could of gone :) looks great xx

  6. I read on Laura's blog that you guys didn't have a good view and I am gutted for you all - I couldn't believe it, i was so excited to see lots of bloggers when a lot of them tweeted they had tickets. I feel terrible about it for you, if it was me, i would have been so dissappointed. We drove 5 hours to London (and 6 hours back due to traffic) so i would have been outraged too. Hope we all get to go again next year, would be fab to meet you all properly! xxx

  7. so mice to meet you - gutted i only got one of those chocolate cakes - make me hungry just looking at them again !xo


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