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Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Thanks to the world of Twitter, I was made aware that 'Bristol Fashion Week' was on until Sunday. Living so close, I thought it would be a shame not travel the short distance down there & enjoy the fashion show.
After quickly deciding I HAD to go, buying tickets & dragging Maxime there with me, we (eventually) made it to The Mall, Cribbs Causeway where the show was being held. 

Slightly rushed and ever so flushed (nothing to do with my driving!) we arrived at the venue to be greeted with mini cupcakes, bucks fizz & show casing fashion looks

A brief snif of some perfume, a nosey at the fashion we'd be seeing in the show & a swig of Bucks Fizz, we all made our way into the Cat Walk hall
I was looking at buying 'gold tickets' basically just meaning that we'd be front row, for photographs and only £5 extra, I thought I'd try. Unfortunately ( I thought at the time) they'd all sold out, so the basic tickets would have to do. As soon as I walked through the door with my camera in my hand some man was down my throat about not being able to take photographs- jeeeez! Okay, but why?!!! Any how, our seats were fine, and we saw all the clothes & models pretty well, so I am glad I didn't spend the extra money for no reason and have no photos to show for it

I would have loved to show you photos of the clothes *and models- cough cough* but due to the silly rule, there obviously aren't any [insert sad smiley here]
I was taking (phone) notes all the way through the show though to make sure I was up to date with all the key trends & styles for Autumn Winter 2011. There were so so many that kept cropping up, but a few of my favs:

♥ Clash on Clash print- if it's a big print, team it with another big print. If it's a small, team with a small.
This is something I could easily do, but I'm not sure how confident I'd feel in rocking it in my every day life

♥ Turquoise & teal colours- work well with almost every skin tone & a lovely bright colour for A/W

♥ Flat shoes!- Hurray, something I've been doing a lot recently anyway *le sigh of a boyfriend the same height as me* Brogues, loafers, creepers, Chelsea boots-tick tick tick
♥ Fetish- Leather & studs out. Something I'm really excited to try, I still haven't got a leather jacket (OH EM GEE) I'm thinking it's a must now. Leather leggings or trousers, and studs in everything will help you achieve this look in a wearable way

For the MEN- it's skinny ties, parka jackets & glitzy suits
♥ Hair should be BIG, bright (and well maintained) keep it up & show us your behive. I literally live for big hair now, and even though I have a long way to go my crimpers, back combing & hair spray help me achieve my look. I'm a bit apprehensive on keeping my hair up for nights our & special occasions, but it will be a good excuse to perfect my beehive

Overall the show was fab and lots of fun. I loved a lot of the high street clothing that they showed, it opened my eyes to a lot of places that I don't really think about shopping, such as John Lewis.
The models were great, and it was nice to see that they weren't all stick thin, similar to that of the Look Show & the boys were just fitties!
I'm really glad I ended up going, and I will look out for it again for future seasons as the tickets were a reasonable price and it is so near home for me

Scallop cream top- Topshop
Navy polka dot skirt- Charity Shop
Cream socks- Newlook
Chelsea boots: Boohoo*

Thanks for reading, Have a lovely week


  1. Personally I was more interested in finding out where I could buy my very own Stephen model. HOW distracting was he? Every time he smiled at someone I died a little inside.
    Thanks for taking me Steph, it was fab.

  2. Love your outfit. AND the new name!

    Helen, x

  3. Mmm, those models we nice - I enjoyed the fetish look and the androgynous look from French Connection:


    Loving the new look btw : )

  4. So annoying that event organisers don't let people take photos at some events, eh? You look lovely Steph, the midi skirt is perfect on you, and I must invest in one of those sweet, scallop edged bests at last soon (:

  5. Nice outfit! Looks like a fun time!


  6. I went to this a few years ago and it looks like it has got a lot better lately than it was when I went. I might have to try and go again next year xx


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