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Sunday, 21 August 2011

On Saturday, me and some lovelies made our way up to Staffordshire for V Festival 2011
I've been to only a few festivals in my time, Reading way back when & then Glasto in 2010. Both times we camped, and had the whole weekend experience, this time we just traveled up & back on the same day-which had a whole different atmosphere and feel about it

V festival first started in 1996, and started ultimately as a 'rock' festival, how ever I personally think it's one of the 'popiest' music fest's at the moment. I love any music I can sing & dance a long to, and seeing that Rhianna was heading lining Weston park on the Saturday, I thought this would be a perfect new festival to try
There was a very broad mix of people there, from chav's that were getting screwed off their faces, to the festival lovelies that I wanted to basically be. It would have been nice to camp, it was a very long tiring day & travelling back at midnight and not arriving home until 2am was a faff. I think you let go & relax a bit more when you're camping, and there's less things to worry about and HAVE to carry with you if it's hot, cold, warm or wet!

This is a festival I'd recommend to newbies on the scene, as it wasn't too big and I felt confident and comfortable being there. The food choices were vast and the fair rides and other attractions made it enjoyable. I would have liked to of seen a few more shops there, especially vintage and charity ones, but I think I was spoilt as Glasto. The price is alright, in festival standards: £80 for a day ticket and then £10 for parking. The programmes were £10 each (WOWZA!) and in general alcoholic drinks were £4 and soft drinks were £2. They have a voucher scheme for alcohol, which worked really well, there was hardly ever a queue at the bar. You buy the vouchers from a separate point, and then just exchange vouchers at the bar, a very good idea that others should pick up on. Food varied, you could eat well for £6, that would be such things as a burger and chips, or a big pasta bowl. You could get your face and body painted, have silly photographs in the photo booth, buy endless amounts of hats and sunnies: all this is one (pretty big) field
The music was great, Hanson started our day with cheese, they rocked mmm'bop well! I also saw Ellie Goulding (fittie), Eliza DooLittle, The Saturdays, The Wombats, Rhianna and Eminem. I went to watch the wanted but got there too late *lets out huge cry* the tent was full, but I still had a boogie outside with other fans, they should have been on an outside stage for sure!

Hope you enjoyed this post, let me know if you'd like to hear anything more, or if you have any questions
Have you been to any festivals this year, what ones do you love & hate, let me know why

I will be posting my outfit & other photos from the day in another post; watch out for that


  1. Looks great, makes me want to go to a festival again! xxx

  2. So jealous of you seeing Ellie Goulding because she is my fave music artist! She's amazing and very gorgeous. Glad you had fun xxx

  3. I went to V in Chelmsford 4 times (3 times camping) and although you wouldn't get me camping now, it was such a good laugh.
    I definitely wouldn't describe the Essex V as 'small' though. It's massive!!x

  4. Thankyou for leaving me a lovely comment on my blog, please let me know of any events you hear of sweetie! So glad you enjoyed V fest..wish I'd have gone bet it was so much fun!

    *following your blog*

    Eda ♥


  5. Love the dress! Looks fab on you.


  6. Lovely dress....


    kisses from rotterdam, the netherlands


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