Please Can I Have A Beach Hut...

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Hello petals
I know Bank Holiday weekend seems such a long time ago now, but I thought I'd share the fun I enjoyed through the 3 days

On Saturday me & the boy went to look for his Uni house and thankfully he found one that day and will be moving in, in a next few weeks. I think I'm more excited about him going back to Uni than he is though, I love the Uni partying without the hard work!!
In the evening me and a few of the work girlies went out to celebrate Emma's Birthday. We had some nibbles followed by LOTS of dancing and drinking
[Singing to random dudes and the work ladies ♥]

After 3 hours sleep!!!! and a huge hangover I managed to get my bum out of bed and travel down for some car boot action with Sam & a friend. We were selling the rest of our 'crap' to get some pennies for our holiday. We made a little bit, so it was worth getting up for. After my afternoon nap I manged to get up and do it all again!
Sunday night was fun and laughter with the guys & girlies which of course involved a large amount of alcohol again (oopsie)
[My gorgeous ladies & the boy and I]

After two full packed days I was planning on Monday to be a nice relaxing one, but when I saw the sun shine through my curtains in the morning I jumped for joy and decided the beach was in order. After thinking about it, whilst on the way there, I think a more local trip with the woofers would have been nicer. We still made a lovely day of it though and had a lovely time walking along the beach
[Me & Samuel and the gorgeous beach huts that I wants!]

What did you all get up to this Bank Holiday? I hope I wasn't the only one to get a bit boozy, after all there isn't a Bank Holiday for a few months now
This weekend I will be starting the decorating in my new room, when I finally get around it finishing it I of course will share with you beauts



  1. Those beach huts are SO cute! Glad you had a fun weekend with the girls & that the picture of you singing to the random dude is hilarious! What exactly is a bank holiday if you don't mind me asking? I always assumed it was the weekend after the day you get paid but the last one for months...? So now I don't know, haha!

  2. I think they are bloody expensive for basically a pretty shed though!
    Its usually an extra Monday (but some times is a Friday) that we get off. For different reasons, I special day I think most of them are for. So it's just a nice 3 day weekend :)

  3. Aww, I wish we lived closer so I could spend some time with you. You always look like you have so much fun :) Loving those beach huts & the piccy of you and the mr is gorgeous! x

  4. I want a beach hut too now! haha, looking gorg as always! xxx

  5. Yaaay for beach huts. You look gorgeous girly!


  6. Those beach huts are sooo cute! Pink would be ideal for me.

    Love the photos, your dress is nice. Is it from Primark I think I remember seeing it there.

  7. I love beach huts. That photo of you and the random man is fab. By the way your bf is gorgeous!

  8. Sounds like a fab weekend! Those beach huts are so cute! My bank holiday was spent bike riding and doing DIY lol!

  9. Hey lassy
    lovely pictures, you look delightful and oh my, check out those pink beach huts! I dream of living by the sea one day. Love the sound of splashing waves and the feel of sand underfoot :) xx

  10. Looks like you had such a lovely weekend sweetie! And I agree, those beach huts are so cute, but massively overpriced! xxx

  11. Ahhhhhh HAHAHAHA!

    Steph, you complete and utter nutter! I nearly fell off my chair laughing at that first photo of you singing to the random bloke.

    In more sensible notings, you look gorgeous! I love the photo of you and the boy :)


  12. Lovely photos! You look gorgeous :)
    Ahh, i'm going to miss going to the beach =/ Can't wait to see your new room all pretty & decorated! xo


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