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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Hello lovelies
Surprise surprise...I have an outfit for you :)
It would probably help more if I had style, and my 'fashion sense' actually had sense, BUT I enjoy showing you all what I wear- it makes me smile :D

On Sunday it was the yearly dog show at Bowood House in Wiltshire, me & the boy went to it last year and enjoyed it thoroughly so we decided to take the woofers there once again. The sun was out & the weather was warm ♥ day with the boy & the dogs- what more could I ask for

My outfit
♥ Plain jersey maxi - Asda
♥ Denim shirt - Topshop
♥ Black belt - Primark
♥ black flipflops - Newlook
I bought this dress recently at £12- I thought it was a bargin. When I got it home, it stayed on my floor in the bag for a few days (as most new things tend to) and when I went to wear it today I decided I didn't like it :/ I however lost the proof of purchase so I decided I HAD to like it and it has actually grown on me. I think I these maxi dresses are harder to pull off though because they are so plain & straight up and down. If I was thinner and didn't have as many lumps and bumps I think pulling this off would have been a lot easier.

And here are a few photos from the day of fun woofey-ness

Tilly getting ready to go out

Tilly after her brief dip in the water

Me & my boy
I hope you all had lovely weekends and managed to catch some rays while Mr.sun had his hat on



  1. Looks like you had a great day out! Your new tattoo looks lovely :) xx

  2. But what you like to buy and wear, that IS your style! I like it! I read grazia and always wet myself laughing at those tramp-looking fools that they picture and tell us are 'fashion on the street' I would have thought they were prostitutes or tramps if I saw them IRL! I much prefer normal people style than bizarre 'fashion style'. Mwah x

  3. Aww sounds like a nice day :) I like the outfit lovely, Love how you paired it with the denim shirt, really cute! xox

  4. Your dogs are gorgeous, Alfie looks like my doggie! :)
    Lovely outfit sweetie! xx

  5. You know I always loiter on our page waiting for your OOTD! They are great.
    Looks like you and the woof had a fabulous day

  6. Oh my gosh! Well done Alfie!

    Also, I'm having a make-up blog sale! Thought you might be interested! :)

    Nars, Mac, Bumble & Bumble etc!

  7. Gorgeous :) I love the demin shirt and well done to your doggie for winning a prize :D xxx

  8. You look absolutely lovely, I love that dress on you! I've been dabbling about getting a maxi myself. Glad you had fun at the doggie show :) xxx

  9. I nearly bought that George maxi the other day! Wish I had now because it looks lovely on you. And I love your pooches aha :)

  10. Aww your dogs are so cute. I'd love to take mine to a show but they are far too scruffy and naughty! x

  11. you look lovely :)
    aww you dog is very cute!

  12. I love your OOTD posts! Yay for Alfie winning!

  13. Ohhh I love it!!! How tall are you lovely? Everytime I try a maxi dress on they are too long - boo to short legs ha xx

  14. aww your dogs are so cute!
    I love your style and new tattoo - I wish I wasn't so short ;)

  15. Your tattoo looks gorgeous steph!
    You can most deffinatly pull that maxi dress off ! xx

  16. Wow cheap maxi! Im so funny about them, i like them on other people (like you :D) but not myself, it just doesnt suit my curves :/
    heavy top half!! xox

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