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Sunday, 14 February 2010

Hello Lovelies
A few people have done posts on the story of their relationships & I thought I'd go ahead and jump right on.
I'll warn you now this is going to be photo heavy, so here goes...
Me & Sam met on the internet- yup, cheesy, gross, idiots- whatever you wanna call it, but it's true. We chatted for a while about everything & anything and then when we moved on to texting each other he asked me out on a date. That date was 2 years ago to the date, Valentines Day 2008! We went to the cinema to watch Jumper, I told him he swore a lot & at the end of the night I went in for a kiss which I barely got. I never went looking for Sam, and after a year of being single after a 3 and half year relationship, it just kind of happened!
Luckily the kiss didn't scare him away and we spent more and more time together & just enjoyed each others company.
A few months after we go together we went to Bournemouth for a long weekend, this was the start of many a trip away with each other! We (I mainly) love getting away from it all & going somewhere, just the 2 of us.

*Bournemouth was really eye-opening as it was our first time away & really alone together-he also realised how snap happy I was*

In the Summer we then ventured for a cheap holiday to Lanzarote
*Lanzarote is one of my favrouite holidays, I love it there & going with Sam was the best first holiday 'with a boy' I could of imagined*

From that time on I think his parents knew I was going to be 'bad' for him, as we did a lot of things he'd never done before, to this day his parents still hate me- hay ho!
Sam then decided (yup just like that) that he wanted to climb Mt. Kilimanjaro in August 2008, being without him for 2 weeks was really hard as we hadn't had to do it before, let alone knowing that he was going to climb a shit ass mountin! I was so excited when he came home and suprised him by meeting him at the airport.
From the first time we met I knew Sam was always going to go to Uni, he is 2 years younger than me and so our first September together was his first year there. This however never really felt real until it was staring us in the face.

*For a present after Kili & before going to Uni we stayed at the Royal Marriot hotel in Bristol. Most gorgeous hotel we have ever stayed in. We did some shopping, went to the posh hotel restraunt & visited Bristol Zoo*

When he first went to Uni we both found it stupidly hard, however I ended up visiting a lot and so we saw each other more than we first expected to. Neither of us ever thought about breaking up just because he was going to Uni. His Uni is only down the motorway and even though it's not close it's not as far as they can get either. I think I now love Uni more than Sam does, as I just get to have the fun & no work. I loved his first year housemates and hopefully he is moving back in with them in year3-so I'm excited for this :)

*Uni is Uni at the end of the day, so drinking & fancy dress is something that happens a lot*

We were both happy when Christmas came and knew that we would be fine. I think our relationship is stronger now, and even though I miss him when I don't see him, I love him more, and it's so much more special when we do see each other again.

*For my 21st Birthday in January 2009, we went to Edinburgh. This was also where our Hard Rock Cafe obsession started*

The holiday love of mine soon kicked back in and I NEEDED to go back to Florida. My parents took me and my sister in 1998, 1999 & 2001 (I know we were very lucky) however it wasn't until we went back in 2006 that I truely fell in love with it, and as we all know, Disney just makes me heart flutter!

*Just like that it was booked, 2 weeks in the Sunshine state with Donald & Mickey :) in April 2009*

That holiday was the best of my life and we are hoping to go back next September after Sam has graduated. We have lots of saving to do, to make this happen though.
Sams first Year of Uni went well and after Florida all we could really think about was the summer & him finishing his 1st year.

*Finally the Bucks May ball came and I got him back all summer long ♥ *

Last summer was totally amazing and we did so many fun things together, it also seemed to last for ever which obvouisly made me a happy girly having a boy all to my self.
As we had spent ££££ on Florida we knew we wouldn't be getting a 'proper' holiday in the Summer, however me being me, we still went away on a few cheap trips

*We went to Newquay for a few nights, stayed in the worst hotel & it rained ALOT*

*We also went camping in Oxfordshire for 3 nights at the end of August. This was lots of fun, and we want to do it again this year & bring the dogs*

Summer came and went and so we were getting ready for Sams 2nd year. He had a new flat (the one he's in at the moment) and new house mates who I don't really like that much, but there we go!

*Sams Birthday is at the end of September & we went up to Manchester for 2 nights for it. Meeting 2 of his friends who go to Uni up there*

During the summer Sam had been training to become a Special Constable, he also studies Police Studies at Uni.

*In October 2009 he passed out and become Special Constable Sam-PROUD MUCH!*

Christmas came quickly and again we spent a lot of quality time together, which in a way makes it worse when we go to leaving each other again

*At my works Christmas Party 2009*

Before he scooted back off to Uni, we celebrated my Birthday by visiting Cardiff and getting drunk with the friendlings

*Us on my 22nd Birthday outing- January 2010*
And so, here we are! I've not been able to get up to his Uni as much as I would like to this year, but he is comming home more & I know our love stays strong *passes puke bucket!* It is our 2 year Aniversary on the 25th Febuary and I can not imagine life without him, he makes me- me!
Sorry if you've hated this post, but hope you've enjoyed getting to know me & my boy a bit more



  1. aww what a lovely love story! And such a original post!xoxo

  2. awwe stephie that was the best blog post i have ever read!
    You and Sam are perfect for one another and you have done so many amazing things together!
    I also love mini weekends away, doesnt matter the destination as long as i am with the one i love!
    You two seem to make your relationship work so well!
    You both look gorgeous together hun!
    I wish you both all the happiness in the world!
    You have both shown it doesnt matter the distance!
    Thank you for sharing your pictures and stories with us!
    Mwah - love you lots xxxx

  3. Awww! You two are so sweet :) Me and my bf love getting away and going new places together too, it's so fun! We're at uni together now and it's amazing but we spent last year apart and it was really tough at times but like you guys we never even thought about breaking up! xxxx

  4. Ooft this is so cutee!! I love hearing about other people's r/s xD. Lol, call me nosy xD. This is great. X

  5. that is so cute
    it's so nice to see a happy real story, good for you :)
    lovely photos too

  6. Aw this is so so cute(:
    You two look adorable together!
    This was such a great post hun

  7. Such a lovely post, is great to hear peoples relationship stories :)

  8. Aww this is so lovely :)
    I hope it continues for you, it's no nice to see such a happy couple :)

  9. Awwh what a lovely post! Makes me feel all mushy. You two look lovely together. Loved this post xx

  10. awh, you look perfect today! & happy two years on the 25th lovee :) glad your happy! xxx

  11. You two make a lovely couple, what a nice story and photos.
    I love going away too and espcially Disney it's my magical place :-) I got engaged at Disneyland California this past September and am planning for a Disneyworld wedding April 2012 so I can totally understand the love for Disney :-D x

  12. It's not cheesy OR gross to meet your partner on the internet, I met my fella on Myspace (Hey, remember that? haha) three years ago, and we're still together, living under the same roof, making plans, being sickly sweet to each other hehe

    Was nice to get to know you, I'm happy that you've found somebody you love :) x


  13. What a lovely blog post. I met my partner on the internet too nearly 4 years ago and we got married last April. He is a police man too!

  14. what a story.. hope it will be last forever.. =)
    Read your blog makes me a bit stronger to get rid of this hurt feeling.. *my BF dumped me couple months ago..
    there's still love around the world.. =p
    happy for you, dear..


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